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As honors or engl. Hono (u) rs is used in the card game to denote the highest trumps or, more generally, the highest cards of a suit .

The possession of honors is rewarded with special points in many games; For example, in Écarté, the player who has the king of trumps in his hand may report it and mark a point.

There are also prizes for honors at whist - a forerunner of this game even carries the Nanen Ruff and Honors ; The following rules apply to bridge , more precisely rubber bridge :

  • With a contract in a trump suit, the five highest trumps, i.e. ace, king, queen, jack and ten, count as honors. If a player holds four or even all five honors in his hand, he receives a bonus of 100 or 150 points.
  • In the case of a contract without a trump ( sans atout or no trump ), the four aces count as honors; If a player holds all four aces in his hand, this is rewarded with a credit of 150 points.

However, awards for honors are no longer credited to the modern tournament bridge.

In a broader sense, the red threes at Canasta , the report of a mariage at sixty-six or Bézique , the report of certain combinations at Piquet or the possession of flower or season tiles at Mah-Jongg are among the honors.


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