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Listen and look

description Journal for the critical reappraisal of the SED dictatorship
publishing company Self-published
First edition 1992
Frequency of publication every three months
Sold edition 1500 copies
editor Citizens Committee Leipzig e. V., sponsor of the museum memorial in the "Round Corner"
Web link Listen and look
Article archive Archive Horch und Guck ( Memento from May 3, 2016 in the Internet Archive )

Horch und Guck is a magazine with current debates on the reappraisal of East German history before the fall of the Wall . It was founded in 1992 by the citizens' committee “15. January “e. V. founded in Berlin , which emerged from the citizens' movement of the GDR . In 2014, the Citizens Committee Leipzig e. V. with the museum memorial in the "Round Corner" takes over the editorship. Since then, “Horch und Guck” has been published with the same thematic focus as the magazine of the Museum Memorial in the “Round Corner” Leipzig .

In addition to looking back at cultural and political issues, the magazine also deals with current controversies. The creators pay special attention to a large number of original documents, historical photos and often found objects from Stasi files . The magazine is rounded off with an overview of new publications on the subject of the GDR.

The term "Horch und Guck" or " VEB Horch und Guck" was a popular name in GDR parlance for the GDR Ministry for State Security .


Horch und Guck has been published every three months since 1992, with an edition of 1,500 copies. Each issue has a thematic focus that takes up about half of the average 80 pages. After the initial focus as a current political feature section, the focus is now on historical retrospect.

Since 1998 Horch und Guck has been financially supported by the Foundation for Coming to terms with the SED dictatorship . The foundation stopped its funding at the end of 2006 on the grounds that the magazine had "increasingly lost quality, variety of topics, plurality, relevance and distribution". The historian Stefan Wolle , himself the author of the magazine, considers the foundation of the foundation to be an advance and suspects the reason more in the political orientation of the paper. Elsewhere it is reported that there was a conflict about the editor Erhard Weinholz, who is close to the party Die Linke . The foundation, now operating as the federal foundation, supported the publication of the magazine until 2012.

After changes in the board of the publishing association (citizens' committee “January 15”), a new editorial team was appointed in the summer of 2007. The last issue for which the old editorial team was responsible was published at the end of June 2007 with a focus on the peace workshops in East Berlin's Erlöserkirche in the 1980s (issue 57 - 1/2007). The new editorial team revised the concept and layout of the magazine. On December 1, 2007, the first issue of the new editorial team (Issue 58 - 2/2007) appeared in the new colored layout with the focus on " 1968 and the GDR". Since then the magazine has appeared quarterly until 2012. In 2013 and 2014 only one issue was issued.

In 2014 Horch und Guck changed to the sponsorship of the Citizens Committee Leipzig e. V. The first issue published under the new sponsorship appeared in December 2014 as issue 80. Topic: “How much SED is there in the Left Party ?” A double issue 82/83 (1–2 / 2016) was only published in September 2017 with the focus "Peaceful Revolution and German Unity". A continuation of the project is uncertain once project funding has expired.

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