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Horst Chmela (born October 29, 1939 in Vienna - Ottakring ) is an Austrian songwriter and musician. His more than 350 songs are mainly attributable to the Wienerlied and popular music . The language of his songs is largely Viennese .

Brief biography

Horst Chmela grew up in Vienna- Ottakring . Five people lived in the 24 m² apartment. "I grew up pretty freely on the street, so I became a real Viennese 'street boy'." Like his father and brother, he learned the trade of a shoemaker after school and completed his training in 1962 with the master's examination, making him one of the was the youngest master shoemaker in Vienna. Fascinated by rock 'n' roll of the 1950s and 1960s, he worked alongside his job as the band leader of the group The Sunset-Four . He also gained experience with the combo in the USA. The group landed in 1966 with the title Symphony d'amore in third place on the Austrian charts (behind the Beatles and Pierre Brice ). In 1969 the group disbanded.

Horst Chmela celebrated his first big success in 1971 with Ana hat imma des Bummerl ( someone always has the Bummerl). It emerged from various defeats in his early days as a professional musician. There are 240 cover versions and 2.4 million sales units went over the counter. In 1983 the Mayor of Vienna, Helmut Zilk , awarded him the Golden Merit of the City of Vienna . On January 22nd, 2002 he was awarded the ARD's Golden Crown of Folk Music .

Chmela lives in Vienna and performs regularly as a singer and sits on the board of the Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers . He has been married since 1965 and has two children. His son Horst Chmela Junior is also active as a musician.

Known songs

  • Ana has imma des Bummerl
  • Bring my henna (... the Gockala is' do)
  • The dork Bua
  • Mama, please look oba (Melody: Karl Bazant)

Discography (selection)

  • Vienna Tuning (2008)
  • A bit a heart (2006)
  • Happy Birthday (2005)
  • Mir san a world party (2005)
  • Mega Maxi (2002)
  • Eskalero (2001)
  • Dreams (2000)
  • Make me horny (2000)
  • Peng Peng (1999)
  • 1000 Illusions (1998)
  • My Friends My Songs (1997)
  • Hand in Hand (1995)
  • My Dream of RotWeissRot (1993)
  • The Bear Goes On (1992)
  • Bring my henna (1991) (AT: platinumplatinum)
  • From my lower lad (1990)
  • My Joy in Life (1989)
  • The farewell comes quietly (1988)
  • You Can Stumble (1987)
  • Christmas melodies (?)
  • Fliagn I want to be able (?)

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