Hugbert (Bosonids)

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Hugbert († 864 near Orbe ) from the Bosonid family was a son of Count Boso von Arles and thus through his sister Theutberga the brother-in-law of King Lothar II of Lorraine , and one of his most important allies until Lothar's wife Theutberga was charged with fornication in 857 (among other things with her brother) expelled.

Hugbert was lay abbot of Saint-Maurice in Valais and Duke of Transjurania , and thus had the northern access to the Alpine pass on the Great St. Bernhard under his control. After Lothar had violated Teutberga, he rose against Lothar, switched sides and joined Karl the Bald . When Lothar ceded the land around Geneva , Lausanne and Sion to his uncle Ludwig the German in 859 , Hugbert's situation became critical.

Ludwig transferred the fight against the rebellious Hugbert to the Guelph Konrad II of Auxerre , to whom Hugbert was defeated in 864. Two years later, Konrad was appointed as Hugbert's successor with the title of margrave .

Hugbert became lay abbot of the Lobbes monastery for a short time in 864 , which he led into a long-term crisis through his excessive lifestyle and despite his imminent death.

Hugbert had a son, Theotbald of Arles .