Hugo IV (Cyprus)

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Hugo IV (* 1294 ; † October 10, 1359 ) was King of Cyprus from 1324 to 1359 and as Hugo II Titular King of Jerusalem .

He was the son of Guido of Cyprus and Eschiva of Ibelin , mistress of Beirut. In 1324 he succeeded his paternal uncle, King Henry II of Cyprus , to the throne. He appears to have been satisfied with rule over Cyprus and did not attempt to retake the Kingdom of Jerusalem . He even stopped his son Peter I from going to Europe to get support for a new crusade .

But from 1344 he participated in a crusade league against the Turkish emirate Aydın , which belonged to the Pope and the Order of St. John of Rhodes as well as the Republic of Venice . The crusaders conquered Smyrna (which remained in Christian hands until 1402) at the end of 1344 and achieved several sea victories against Turkish fleets in the Aegean Sea.

Marriage and offspring

He married twice, both times women from the Ibelin family :

In 1307 or 1310 he married Maria von Ibelin († before June 1318), daughter of Guido von Ibelin († 1304), titular count of Jaffa. With her he had at least one son:

  • Guido von Lusignan († 1343), constable of Cyprus (1336–1338) and titular prince of Galilee

On June 18, 1318 he married his second wife Alice von Ibelin († 1386), daughter of another Guido von Ibelin († 1308), Seneschal of Cyprus. He had at least four children with her:

  • Eschiva of Lusignan († 1363) ∞ Ferdinand of Mallorca († around 1345), Infante of Mallorca, Vice-Count of Aumelàs;
  • Peter von Lusignan († 1369) followed Hugo as King of Cyprus and Jerusalem;
  • Johann von Lusignan († 1375), regent of Cyprus and titular prince of Antioch;
  • Jacob of Lusignan († 1398) King of Cyprus and Jerusalem.

In addition, Hugo had the following children, for whom it is unclear today which of his two wives is their mother:

  • Thomas of Lusignan († 1340);
  • Perrot of Lusignan († 1353);
  • Margarethe von Lusignan ∞ around 1348 Walter von Dampierre († after 1373) Seneschal of Cyprus.


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