Hugo of Coligny

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Hugo von Coligny (French: Hugues de Coligny ; † September 2, 1205 ) was a knight and prince of Coligny .

Blason de Coligny, svg

His dominion included the land around Coligny and Revermont , for which he was a direct vassal of the Crown of Burgundy . In a deed of gift in favor of the Charterhouse of Portes im Bugey , he described himself as the sovereign Prince of Coligny:

Dominus Hugo de Coloniaco, miles, magnificus princeps Coloniensis, dedit Deo et fratribus Portarum pro remedio animæ suæ ac parentum suorum, quicquid habebat in eremo Portarum, et quicquid de feudatariis illius dono vel emptione acquirere potuerunt.
(Herr Hugo von Coligny, knight, splendid prince of Coligny, gives to God and the brothers of Portes, for the sake of his soul and that of his parents, everything he has in the desert of Portes, and everything that the brothers buy or sell could acquire from his fiefs.)

Together with the Bishop of Autun he took part in the fourth crusade . After the conquest of Constantinople in 1204, he joined Boniface of Montferrat , from whom he received the city of Serres as a fief. During the defense of this city against the Bulgarian king Kalojan (Johannitza) Hugo was killed after an arrow hit in the eye.

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