Dog on the beach

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Dog on the beach
Dog on the beach
Dog on the beach
General information
origin Berlin , Germany
Genre (s) Pop rock
founding 2004
resolution 2007
Founding members
Fabian Schwinger
Martin "Marv" Thomas
Tina Mamczur

Hund am Strand was a German pop rock band from Berlin .

Her first album Adieu Sweet Bahnhof was released on September 30, 2005. The first single was the piece Junge Mädchen , followed by New Song . The release of the album was followed by a tour of Germany and Austria.


Fabian Schwinger (guitar) and Tina Mamczur (bass) met at university. Drummer Martin "Marv" Thomas completed the line-up.

Tobias Siebert heard Fabian, Tina and Marv play and recorded the first pieces for the EP released in 2004. This got to the ears of the people in charge of the Bielefeld label Tenstaag via the internet and led to the record deal in May 2005. Already in September 2005, Adieu Sweet Bahnhof was re-released, this time with Motor Music .

In the summer of 2006, the live EP Werkstatt Live was released, which contains five recordings from performances in Rüsselsheim and Potsdam in May 2006. This includes three new titles. It was mixed in the Stattwerk studios in Düsseldorf, hence the name of the recording.

In May 2007 the band announced the breakup on their website, according to their own statement "because of incompatible wishes, personal needs and interests, [...] different goals and future plans".

Marv Thomas currently plays in the indie / rock / pop band Peer .


  • 2005: Adieu Sweet Bahnhof (album)
  • 2005: boys girls (single)
  • 2006: Neues Lied (single, online release only)
  • 2006: Werkstatt Live (EP)

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