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IAL Diamond (born June 27, 1920 in Ungheni , Romania (now Republic of Moldova as Itek Domnici ), † April 21, 1988 in Beverly Hills , California ) was an American screenwriter and producer, who was mainly due to his decades of collaboration with Billy Wilder is known.


He gave the initials "IAL" in his stage name as the abbreviation for Interscholastic Algebra League , a group of which he was a member during his school days. When he was nine years old, his family emigrated from what is now Moldova to the USA. He had been working as a screenwriter since 1944 with very successful films like Liebling, I'm Getting Younger . In 1957 he began writing screenplays with Billy Wilder , who always directed and produced, while Diamond was his co-producer. Diamond helped the native Austrian Wilder mainly with the language. He never became famous for Wilder, although he received numerous awards with him. Up to Wilder's last film in 1981, they worked on twelve films together, classics such as Some like it hot , Das Appartement and Avanti, Avanti .

Diamond also ended his career with Wilder's last film and died in 1988. He was married to Barbara Ann Bentley from 1945 until his death and they had two children.



Oscar (nominated 3 times)

  • 1960 Oscar for the best screenplay based on the model in Das Appartement , together with Billy Wilder
(Also nominated for: The lucky guy , some like it hot )

New York Film Critics Circle Awards, USA (nominated twice)

  • 1960 NYFCC Award for Best Screenplay in The Apartment , together with Billy Wilder

Writers Guide of America, USA (8 nominations)

  • 1958 WGA Award (Screen) for the best written American comedy Ariane - Love in the Afternoon (1957), together with Billy Wilder
  • 1960 WGA Award (Screen) for Best-Written American Comedy Some Like It Hot (1959) with Billy Wilder
  • 1961 WGA Award (Screen) for the best-written American comedy The Apartment (1960) together with Billy Wilder
  • 1980 for life's work together with Billy Wilder

Edgar Allan Poe Awards (nominated once) Golden Globes (nominated once)

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