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Ianiskos ( give a wiki. Ἰανίσκος, lat. Ianiscus ) was in Greek mythology, king of Sicyon . He was a descendant of Clytios , the Lamedon's father-in-law .

When Adrastos returned to Argos , he handed the government over to Ianiskos, who had come from Attica . Pausanias reports that the rule fell to Phaistos after Ianiskos death . However, Photios mentions another Epopeus who must have ruled around this time.

Eusebius of Caesarea calls him Inachus and ascribes 42 years of reign to him.


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predecessor Office successor
Adrastos King of Sikyon
13th century BC BC
(mythical chronology)
Epopeus II.