Phaistos (King of Sicyon)

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Phaistos ( old Gr . Φαίστος, lat. Phaestus ) was the son of Heracles and the father of Rhopalos in Greek mythology . Eustathios of Thessalonica describes him as the son of Rhopalos , a son of Heracles.

After Pausanias he was the first to worship Heracles as a god who was previously only worshiped as a hero . When Ianiskos died, Phaistos became king of Sicyon . Photios also mentions a ruler named Epopeus , who is also to be appointed at this time.

Phaistos ruled for 8 years and then obeyed an oracle that he should leave Sicyon and settle in Crete . There he founded the city of Phaistos . After his departure, the government fell to Zeuxippos . Eusebius of Caesarea, however, names Polypheides as heir to the throne.


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predecessor Office successor
Epopeus II. King of Sikyon
13th century BC BC
(mythical chronology)