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Ibycus monument in Reggio Calabria

Ibykos ( ancient Greek Ἴβυκος Íbykos , Latinized Ibycus , German also Ibykus ) was an ancient Greek poet from Rhegion in Calabria . He lived around the middle of the 6th century BC. And was later included in the canon of the nine lyric poets .

Ibykos led a wandering life and stayed for a long time on Samos at the court of Polycrates .

According to a tombstone, he died in his native city; According to another well-known legend of antiquity, however, he is said to have been murdered by robbers on the way to the Isthmian Games , but the discovery of the culprits was brought about by cranes . The material processed Friedrich Schiller in his ballad The Cranes of Ibykus of the 1797th

Ibykos' main fame was based on his erotic songs that breath a glowing sensuality.

The problematic relationship with the tyrant Polykrates on Samos has not yet been finally clarified. The topic fits into the broader context of the question of how to find oneself in the 6th century BC. BC as a poet had to behave towards his patron.



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