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Albin Lesky (born July 7, 1896 in Graz , † February 28, 1981 in Innsbruck ) was an Austrian classical philologist .


After studying classical philology , Lesky received his first lectureship in Graz in 1924. From 1920 to 1932 he taught as a teacher at the Academic Gymnasium in Graz . In 1932 he was appointed associate professor of Greek studies in Vienna and in 1936 full professor in Innsbruck. There he was dean in 1937/37 and vice-rector in 1942 .

Lesky belonged in the era of National Socialism of the NSDAP at (membership number 7252762). After the war, however, Lesky was able to make credible that he had only joined the NSDAP for reasons of career policy. As a former NSDAP member, he had to register after the end of the Second World War , but was able to practice his profession again as early as 1946 after a decision by the denazification commission . In 1949 he returned to the University of Vienna , where he worked until his retirement in 1967. 1958/59 he was dean, 1963/64 also rector of the university.

One focus of his research was the Greek epic and its relation to myth . His study of Greek tragedy and his history of Greek literature became standard philological works. In addition, written Lesky numerous articles for the revision of Pauly Realencyclopädie of classical archeology (RE), studies on the reception history of Homer and a study on the Cretan writing Linear B .

Albin Lesky became a corresponding member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in 1942 , which was suspended from 1945 to 1948 because of his registration as a member of the NSDAP. In 1950 Lesky was elected a full member. In addition, he was its vice-president from 1963 to 1969 and its president from 1969/1970. In this function he was particularly committed to maintaining the humanistic grammar schools in Austria. His other scientific memberships also included that of a corresponding member of the German Archaeological Institute .

Albin Lesky was married to the medical historian and professor Erna Lesky (1911–1986) after a divorced marriage from which his son, Peter Albin Lesky (1926–2008) emerged .


Lesky has received numerous awards and honorary doctorates for his scientific merits, including a. from the universities of Innsbruck, Athens, Ghent, Glasgow, Thessaloniki and a Dr. hc rer. pole. of the University of Graz . Since 1958 he has been a corresponding member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and since 1959 of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences . and since 1966 the British Academy .

In 1994, Leskygasse in Vienna- Donaustadt (22nd district) was named after Erna and Albin Lesky. Since 1998, a gate on the university campus of the University of Vienna has also been named after the couple.


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