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Friedrich Vollmer (full name Friedrich Karl Vollmer , born November 14, 1867 in Fingscheid , today in Wuppertal , † September 21, 1923 in Farchant ) was a German classical philologist ( Latinist ).


Friedrich Karl Vollmer passed his Abitur in Düsseldorf in 1886 and, after taking the teaching qualification in Bonn in 1890/91 and a probationary year in Koblenz, was a teacher at the grammar school in Düsseldorf. In 1892 he received his doctorate in Bonn. Since 1905 he taught classical philology at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich . Since 1908 he was a full member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences . His estate is in the Bavarian State Library in Munich . Vollmer edited works by Horace , Serenus Sammonicus (as part of the Corpus medicorum Latinorum ) and Flavius ​​Merobaudes and for the Monumenta Germaniae Historica by Eugenius III. of Toledo and Blossius Aemilius Dracontius . He also edited Roman inscriptions from Bavaria and was general editor of the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae .

Fonts (selection)

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  • Epitome Thesauri latini. Adornavit et, auxiliantibus compluribus , edidit Dr. Vollmer. Vol. I, fasc. I, a-aedilis. Confectioner, Fr. Vollmer and E. Bickel , 1912
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  • Carmina by Quintus Horatius Flaccus , published by Lucian Mueller 1886; Teubner, Leipzig 1917 (Bibliotheca scriptorum Graecorum et Romanorum Teubneriana)


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Individual evidence

  1. ^ Friedrich Vollmer obituary in the 1924 yearbook of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences (PDF file).

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