Franz Hocheder

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Franz Hocheder (full name Franz von Paula Hocheder , born March 23, 1783 in Roßdorf , Upper Bavaria , † May 3, 1844 in Munich ) was a German classical philologist , writer and grammar school director.


Franz Hocheder attended the Academic High School in Salzburg from 1797 to 1802 and studied law , philosophy and aesthetics at the university there from 1803 to 1807 . Even during his studies he gave private lessons; even after graduating, he did not go to the judiciary, but as a tutor to a family in Vallendar in the Rhineland. In 1811 he returned to Bavaria, where he passed the teaching examination and from November 1811 taught Latin at the newly founded institute high school in Munich, which was then headed by Benedict von Holland . In 1815, Hocheder was appointed high school professor, shortly afterwards assistant director. In 1819 he followed a call to Würzburg as rector of the local grammar school , where he stayed for only five years before returning to Munich in 1824 as rector of the newly founded Ludwigsgymnasium . Hocheder headed the Ludwigsgymnasium for 18 years under difficult circumstances: There was public resistance to the humanistic canon of subjects, a lot of fluctuation in the teaching staff, missed lessons and epidemics. In 1842 King Ludwig I transferred the grammar school to the Benedictine order. Hocheder was dismissed in honor and transferred to the University of Munich as professor of philology and aesthetics . At the same time the king made him a full member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences . But just two years later, Hocheder died of gout .

According to his education and inclination, Franz Hocheder was more interested in the writings of antiquity aesthetically than historically and philologically. In terms of scientific treatises, he only wrote a study on the case attraction in Greek and an investigation on the 13th epistle of Horace . He also published commentaries on the literary theoretical writings of Horace (Epistles, Ars poetica ) and on Oedipus on Colonus of Sophocles . Hocheder was also active as a fiction writer: in 1810 he published the novel Ferienliebe (Koblenz 1810) (under the pseudonym "Emmerich Norus" ). He later wrote numerous humorous essays and poems for various magazines in Munich.

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