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Carl Becker (born October 15, 1925 in Leipzig ; † June 2, 1973 in Munich ) was a German classical philologist who taught and researched as a professor of Latin studies at the Universities of Marburg (1955–1963) and the University of Munich (1963–1973) .


From 1944 Carl Becker studied Classical Philology, German Philology and Philosophy at the University of Leipzig . In the winter semester of 1947/1948 he went to Bonn , in the summer semester of 1948 to Frankfurt am Main . Among his academic teachers were Hans-Georg Gadamer and Karl Reinhardt , in which he, a year after his graduation, with a dissertation in 1950 studies on Sophocles' chorus doctorate was.

Becker then went to the University of Munich , where he worked as a research assistant to the Latinist Friedrich Klingner . Becker achieved his habilitation in the winter semester of 1952/1953 . In 1955 he was appointed to the chair for Classical Philology at the University of Marburg as the successor to Hellfried Dahlmann . Here he taught for seven years. In September and October 1961, Becker received calls from the universities of Münster and Frankfurt am Main, both of which he refused. He did not leave Marburg until August 1963 and went to the University of Munich as Friedrich Klingner's successor. In 1965 he was elected as a full member of the Philosophical-Historical Class of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and appointed President of the Commission for the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae . In the academic year 1966/1967 he was dean of the Philosophical Faculty (an office which he had already held in Marburg in 1958/1959), the following year he was rector of the University of Munich.

Becker died on June 2, 1973 at the age of 48 from a rare vascular disease that had broken out the year before. His extensive private library later formed the basis of the seminar for Classical Philology at the University of Augsburg . His widow Edith Becker b. Kalkhorst committed suicide on August 16, 1973 after the estate was settled.


Carl Becker dealt with wide areas of ancient literature, from the Greek tragedy to Sallust , Cicero , Properz , Horace and Virgil to the church fathers . In addition to his (unprinted) dissertation from 1950, he wrote numerous monographs, essays and lexicon articles on various literary and intellectual history issues. His habilitation thesis Tertullians Apologeticum - Werden und Leistungs (Munich 1954) was preceded by an annotated translation of the text (Munich 1952), the second edition of which appeared in 1961. Becker also wrote articles for the Neue Deutsche Biographie and edited various writings by his teacher Karl Reinhardt.


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