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Eugen Richard Karl Ulmer (born June 26, 1903 in Stuttgart , † April 26, 1988 in Heidelberg ) was a German legal scholar .


Eugen Ulmer was born as the son of the publisher Richard Ulmer and his wife, b. Hedinger, born. Between 1913 and 1921 he attended the Karls-Gymnasium Stuttgart . He then studied law at the University of Tübingen and the Humboldt University in Berlin . During his studies he joined the Tübingen student association, Akademische Gesellschaft Stuttgardia, which is closely related to southern German liberalism . He received his doctorate in Stuttgart in 1926 and completed his habilitation in Berlin in 1928, both under the supervision of Philipp Heck . 1929/1930 Ulmer was a full professor of German law, labor law, civil law, German legal history, German and Mecklenburg private law, commercial law, maritime law, and exchange law at the University of Rostock . In 1930 he became professor for German and foreign private and commercial law at the University of Heidelberg (successor to Karl Heinsheimer ).

Ulmer joined the SA with backdating to October 1, 1933 and in November 1933 the " Association of National Socialist German Jurists ". In the SA he last held the rank of troop leader. In November 1937, he said he was transferred from the SA to the NSDAP (membership number 4.271.041). After 1945, Ulmer had to answer for his membership in the Nazi organizations in a denazification process under the Liberation Act . Here on September 10, 1946, he was classified as a fellow traveler in an oral hearing and had to pay 1,500 RM as atonement to the reparation fund and to bear the costs of the proceedings.

After completing the denazification process, Ulmer initially taught again in Heidelberg, until he accepted an appointment from Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich in 1955 . Here he was also rector in 1959 and 1960.

From 1965 to 1973, Ulmer was director of the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Patent, Copyright and Competition Law in Munich. He was particularly involved in the conclusion of the World Copyright Agreement in 1951. He was also involved in the copyright reform and the revision of the Berne Convention in Stockholm (1967) and Paris (1971).

Eugen Ulmer is not the namesake of the publishing house of the same name , but is related to it. He is the father of Peter Ulmer .


Well-known PhD students

Works (selection)

  • The direct instruction in modern payment transactions, especially the documentary credit. Jur.Diss., Stuttgart 1926.
  • Trademarks and unfair competition in their education through case law. Berlin 1929.
  • The law of securities. Stuttgart u. a. 1938.
  • Copyright and publishing law. Berlin 1951 (2nd edition 1960, 3rd edition 1981).
  • The legal protection of performing artists, producers of sound carriers and broadcasting companies in an international and comparative law perspective. Munich 1957.
  • The copyright protection of scientific works with special consideration of the programs of electronic computing systems. Munich 1967.
  • Electronic databases and copyright. Munich 1971.


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