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Grave of Karl Leopold Escherich in the Westfriedhof in Munich

Karl Leopold Escherich (born September 18, 1871 in Schwandorf ; † November 22, 1951 in Kreuth , Upper Bavaria ) was a German forest scientist and entomologist .


Escherich was the son of the pottery manufacturer Hermann Nikolaus Escherich and Katharina von Stengel and the younger brother of the later forester and politician Georg Escherich .

He studied medicine since 1892 in Munich and Würzburg and received his doctorate in 1893 on the male reproductive systems of beetles Dr. med. After studying zoology, Escherich also received his doctorate in 1896. phil. During a two-year assistantship in Karlsruhe , he specialized in the field of forest zoology under Otto Nüsslin (1850–1915). After he had completed his habilitation in Strasbourg in 1901 , he received a call to the chair of forest zoology in Tharandt in 1907 , which had been orphaned since the death of Hinrich Nitsche (1845-1902). In 1914 he switched to the chair for applied zoology at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich , where he succeeded August Pauly (1850-1914). In 1917 he was elected a member of the Leopoldina . From October 1933 to October 1935 he succeeded Leo von Zumbusch as Rector of the University of Munich. In 1936 Escherich retired.

After his trip to the USA in 1911 he came up with the plan to redesign applied entomology in Germany based on the American model. In 1913 he worked, among other things, as the initiator and co-founder of the German Society for Applied Entomology .

Karl Escherich was one of the few forestry academics who took part in the early Hitler movement during the inflationary period. He joined the NSDAP as early as 1921 and also took part in the Hitler putsch in 1923 . In 1924 he took part in the election campaign for the “ Völkischer Block ” in his car , but then stayed away from the new NSDAP.

Karl Escherich received the Goethe Medal for Art and Science for his research achievements . Under the title Life and Research. Struggle for a Science , he submitted his autobiography in 1944 .

In memory of its initiator, the German Society for General and Applied Entomology awards the Escherich Medal for outstanding achievements in the field of entomology.

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Escherich's main work, however, was the reworking and substantial expansion of the teaching and manual Die Forstinsekten Mitteleuropas (5 volumes, Berlin 1914–1942) founded by Johann Friedrich Judeich and Heinrich Nietsche . In addition, Escherich was the founder and editor of the Zeitschrift für angewandte Entomologie (Berlin 1914 ff; later continued under the title Journal of applied entomology ).


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