Peter Walter (veterinarian)

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Peter Walter (born June 7, 1928 in Münster ; † May 8, 1982 in Munich ) was a German veterinarian , animal anatomist and university lecturer.

Walter did his doctorate under Eberhard Ackerknecht and worked under Hugo Grau in the field of histology of the peripheral nervous system . In 1964 he was appointed professor at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich and received the chair of histology and embryology newly established by Grau . Together with Hugo Grau he wrote the " Outline of the Histology and Comparative Microscopic Anatomy of Domestic Mammals " published in 1967 . He was succeeded in 1984 by Fred Sinowatz .

In 1968/69 Walter was dean of the veterinary faculty, from 1969 to 1971 rector of the university and 1971/72 prorector of the LMU.


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