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Otto Lendle (born January 17, 1926 in Bad Hersfeld , † March 8, 1999 in Mellnau ) was a German classical philologist .

The son of a math teacher was an air force helper in World War II . He was wounded in Alsace and taken prisoner by the Americans. After the war he studied classical philology and archeology in Göttingen and Marburg . In Marburg he received his doctorate in 1953 on "The Pandora saga at Hesiod". 1962 followed the habilitation on "Encomium in Sanctum Stephanum protomartyrem". In 1967 he became professor of classical philology at the Saarland University . Ten years later he moved to Marburg, where he taught until his retirement in 1991. From 1970 to 1989 he was a member of the central management of the German Archaeological Institute .

Otto Lendle dealt with ancient authors such as Hesiod , Xenophon and Gregor von Nyssa as well as siege techniques ( poliorketics ) and historiography. The preoccupation with a major commentary on the first seven books of Xenophon's " Anabasis " (1995) led to a historical novel ( The Mercenaries of Cyrus , 1999).


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