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Edmund Hauler (born November 17, 1859 in Ofen (Buda) , † April 1, 1941 in Vienna ) was an Austrian classical philologist .


Grave at the city cemetery in Baden

Edmund Hauler, son of the grammar school teacher Johann Hauler , studied classical philology at the University of Vienna like his father. Wilhelm von Hartel was one of his most important teachers . His doctorate with the dissertation Terentiana: Quaestiones cum specimine lexici took place in 1882 sub auspiciis Imperatoris , that is, in the presence of Emperor Franz Joseph I , making him the first student of a philosophy faculty in Austria-Hungary . After the exam that Hauler took two years later, he served his probationary year at the Academic Gymnasium in Vienna in 1884/1885 . He then deepened his studies with Hermann Usener and Franz Bücheler in Bonn in 1885 and undertook educational trips to France, England, Switzerland and Italy from 1885 to 1887. In Vienna he worked from 1890 to 1893 as a grammar school teacher and then went to the university there as a lecturer, initially as a private lecturer, from 1896 as an associate professor and from 1899 as a full professor. In the academic year 1914/1915 he was dean of the philosophy faculty of the university. In 1931 he retired. Hauler was a member of the Vienna Academic Burschenschaft Moldavia.

Hauler died after his accident in Baden . He is buried at the city cemetery in Baden.


Hauler collected manuscripts on his study trips and discovered numerous valuable fragments that were important for the critical edition of various authors. In 1886 he published 18 palimpsest columns with fragments from the histories of Sallust , of which only fragments are known to this day, in the meeting reports of the Academy of Sciences in Vienna ; he deciphered a vulgar Latin translation of the Didascalia apostolorum and found new fragments by the poets Menander and Sotades .

His biggest undertaking was the reorganization and edition of the letters Frontos after the palimpsest pages discovered a few decades earlier in the Vatican and Ambrosian Library (in Milan), with which the Prussian Academy of Sciences commissioned him in 1897 . Hauler published over 50 essays on the subject, but was unable to complete the edition before his death. It was completed by Rudolf Hanslik .

Hauler dealt with the Latin language from late antiquity ( patristic ) to neo-Latin. He has represented the Thesaurus Commission at the Vienna Academy since 1907 and was chairman of the Vienna Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum (CSEL) from 1925 until his death . He was co-editor of the series Dissertationes philologae Vindobonenses and since 1899 editor of the journals Wiener Studien and Zeitschrift for the Austrian grammar schools .


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