Igor Konstantinovich Sakharov

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Igor Konstantinovich Sakharov ( Russian Игорь Константинович Сахаров * 7. August 1912 in Saratov , † 1977 in Australia ) was a Russian emigrant, mercenary , German Agent , falangistischer participants in the Spanish Civil War and an officer on the side of the Axis powers in World War II .

Sakharov was the son of the Tsarist and White Guard general Konstantin W. Sakharov and had lived in Berlin since 1923 . Sakharov served as a mercenary in Argentina , Uruguay and China ; In the Spanish Civil War he fought on the side of the Falangists among the volunteers of the Russian Fascist Union and was an employee of the German defense . From Franco Sakharov received the lieutenant's license and numerous awards. Sakharov contributed to the conquest of Barcelona by infiltrating the city with a company of captured Soviet tanks and received the Order of Merit from the German Eagle from Hitler .

From 1939 to 1942 he worked in the Reichsrundfunk , responsible for Spain propaganda . In the spring of 1942 he became deputy commander of the Graukopf Special Association with the code name Levin . Sakharov was involved in various frontline missions by Russian units on the German side and also in the fight against partisans. He last stayed in Prague in 1945 as an officer in the Russian KONR troops of General Andrei A. Vlasov , who were still involved in skirmishes with the SS there. After the war he worked in a Russian emigre organization in Bavaria and went to Australia in the late 1950s, where he was killed in a car accident in 1977.


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