In the realm of parasites

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Episode of the series Futurama
title In the realm of parasites
Original title Parasites Lost
subtitle In case you don't find it
entertaining, write your congressman (If not entertaining, write your congressman)
Country of production United States
original language English
length 22 minutes
classification Season 3, episode 2
34th episode overall ( list )
First broadcast January 21, 2001 on FOX
first broadcast
February 18, 2002 on ProSieben
Director Peter Avanzino
script Eric Kaplan

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In the realm of parasites (Original title: Parasites Lost ) is an episode of the American science fiction - animated series Futurama . It was first broadcast on January 21, 2001 on US broadcaster FOX ; the German dubbed version was published on February 18, 2002 by ProSieben . The work was awarded an Emmy .


After the clumsy, silly Fry ate a “fresh” egg salad sandwich from a vending machine in the rest of the rest area, he developed extraordinary powers of self-healing. During a colonoscopy , Dr. Zoidberg , Prof. Farnsworth, and the rest of the Planet Express crew found a tiny, microscopic worm-inhabited town in Fry's digestive tract. While Leela is busy with Fry, the professor makes remote-controlled miniature robot versions for the rest of the team. With their help, they penetrate Fry's body to fight the infestation.

In the meantime, thanks to the care the worms give his body, Fry gains more skills: his body becomes more muscular and his intellect increases. He is finally able to express the romantic feelings he has long harbored for his colleague Leela. He gives her flowers, compliments her eloquently, performs her and writes sonnets for her . Impressed by this, Leela sabotages the mission of the others.

In the evenings, Leela takes Fry home, where he plays her a romantic piece on a holophonor . This instrument is similar to a clarinet , but produces not only sounds but also holographic images . Few can even play it. Leela wants to seduce Fry and says, “Oh Fry, I love what you've become.” When Fry hears this, he interrupts the scene, goes into the professor's laboratory and makes a miniature version of himself with which he drives the worms out of his body. He wants to find out if Leela loves him or just the person the worms made of him. Back at Leela he lost his special skills. He no longer expresses himself selectively, only plays the holophone in a bumbling manner and is as clumsy as at the beginning. Leela then rejects him.

The episode ends with Fry practicing holophonor alone in his room. The instrument produces a clumsy picture, similar to a child's drawing. It clearly shows Leela.


The original English title Parasites Lost is a reference to John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost . The reference to parasitism is incorrect from a strictly scientific point of view, since Fry not only suffers from the worms on one side, but also benefits from their presence, i.e. lives in symbiosis with them .

In terms of content, the episode parodies the science fiction film The Fantastic Journey from 1966, in which miniaturized scientists travel through the body of a patient to remove a blood clot. The plot also has references to Daniel Keyes ' science fiction short story Charly (original title: Flowers for Algernon ), the film version of which was released in 1968. Charly tells the story of a mentally retarded person who becomes highly intelligent through experimental treatment methods until the development is reversed and puts him on the intellectual level of a child. The Futurama episodes The Experiment at Mars University , In the Eyes of an Orphan and The Devil's Hands also contain references to Charly .

The holophonor has its literary model in the Visi-Sonor , the likewise fictional instrument of the mule from Isaac Asimov's Foundation cycle . In the later episode, The Devil's Hands, it appears again in a central function; Fry uses this instrument again to express his love for Leela.


As the second episode of the third production season, Im Realm of Parasites is the 34th episode of Futurama . Eric Kaplan is responsible for the script , who also wrote the script for the first Emmy-winning Futurama episode Wedding Anniversary on Cyclopia . Directed by Peter Avanzino . The speakers for the main characters sometimes also took on speaking roles from minor characters. In addition, Tress MacNeille , Maurice LaMarche and David Herman heard in supporting roles. All three had already lent their voices to characters in the series several times and were later taken over into the main cast.

Director Avanzino said in an interview that he likes the challenge of action scenes, musicals and new locations. He cited Im Realm of Parasites as an example of an episode that offers all of this: “ It has microscopic characters inside a human body, a 3-D colonoscopy, a sword fight, a holophonic sequence […], some sweet sweet lovemaking, and a space truck stop. "(German:" She has microscopic figures inside a human body, a colonoscopy in 3D, a sword fight, a holophonor scene, sweet wooing and a resting place in space. ")


The episode was released on January 21, 2001 by the US television station FOX . When the series was first broadcast, FOX deviated from the order and seasons of the production (see first broadcast of Futurama ), so that the episode was shown as the fourth of the third broadcast season and is therefore the 33rd Futurama episode overall in the order of the first publication .

The German dubbed version was first broadcast on February 18, 2002 on ProSieben .


The episode's storyboard artist , Rodney Clouden , received an Emmy in the Individual Achievement in Animation category in 2001 for his work on In the Realm of Parasites .

The Internet portal selected the episode in its list of the ten best Futurama episodes in fifth place. The site IGN Entertainment named it the fourth best Futurama episode.

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