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Ingrid Kirschey-Feix (* 1950 in Berlin ) is a German author , journalist , editor and publicist .


Ingrid Feix was born in Berlin in 1950 as the daughter of the lawyer Gerhard Feix . From 1970 to 1974 she studied philosophy at the Humboldt University in Berlin and journalism at the journalism section of the Karl Marx University in Leipzig .

Subsequently, she was the cultural editor of the FDJ - the central organ of the young world . After several conflicts with the management of the newspaper, she increasingly withdrew. She became a mother and went to Warsaw in 1984 with her husband, who was a correspondent for the newspaper Neues Deutschland . She worked there as a correspondent until 1987. Then Hans-Dieter Schütt convinced her to return to Berlin and head the cultural department of the young world . In the absence of alternatives, she agreed, but was soon repulsed by the prescribed "jubilation journalism".

In January 1989, Kirschey-Feix resigned and moved to the Neues Leben publishing house , where she worked as an editor and program manager until 1995. Kirschey-Feix has been working as a freelance editor and publicist for various publishers since the mid-1990s. Among other things, she edited letters between Brigitte Reimann and Hermann Henselmann as well as Erwin and Eva Strittmatter . In addition, she published various travel guides. For the encyclopedia of East German biographies Who was who in the GDR? she wrote numerous articles.

She lives in Berlin and Altgaul near Wriezen .

Writings and editorships

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