Inspector of the riot police of the federal states

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The inspector of police readiness of the countries ( IBPdL or IBP ) is a uniformed officer of the Federal . The Federal Police Officer Act applies to him . He is responsible for the riot police of the state police . He is the German Federal Minister of the Interior appointed .

The establishment of this office is based on an administrative agreement first concluded in 1950 between the federal government and the federal states, which was further developed in 1970/1971. The IBPdL is responsible for compliance with the administrative agreement and thus for cooperation between the federal and state governments and the uniform standard of the federal and state riot police. The federal government is responsible for the necessary equipment of all riot police.

In certain cases that the Basic Law provides for emergency situations (natural disasters and particularly serious accidents according to Article 35, Paragraph 3 of the Basic Law (danger to the existence of a federal state or the free democratic basic order of a federal state according to Article 91, Paragraph 2 of the Basic Law and im In case of defense according to Art. 115f GG)), he is the police chief on the part of the federal government and then exercises the police powers envisaged for the federal government .

He coordinates the support of other countries in dealing with situations on special occasions and the cross-border deployment of police officers from the riot police. Another task is to provide police-specific advice to the Federal Interior Minister and to participate in the Standing Conference of Interior Ministers .

He is only a law enforcement officer if he was before his appointment. He is assisted by three liaison officers who are delegated to his staff for one year from alternating federal states.

Through the office of the IBPdL and the use of federal funds, the federal government has an influence on the police sovereignty of the federal states and the police force. The federal competence for emergency situations provided for in the Basic Law is in fact expanded to include deployment preparation through the underlying administrative agreement; it represents a kind of partial transfer of responsibility from the states to the federal government.

The current incumbent has been Andreas Backhoff since September 2018, his predecessors included Wolfgang Lohmann (previously Deputy President of the Federal Police Headquarters ), Carl Boysen , Bernd Manthey, Rolf Alexander Morié and Jürgen Schubert.

In principle, the IBPdL has a post in accordance with salary regulation B 5 .

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