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John Alden Mason (* 1885 in Orland , Indiana ; † November 7, 1967 ) was an American archaeologist , anthropologist and linguist .

The focus of his research was on various indigenous cultures from North, Central and South America.

Mason grew up in Philadelphia's Germantown . He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1907 and his doctorate in 1911 from the University of California, Berkeley . His dissertation was an ethnographic study of the Salinan , an Indian tribe in California . He was also the author of a number of linguistic studies including a study of the Pima languages. His later ethnographic work also included studies of the Tepehuán (Mexico) as well as the collection of evidence of the oral culture of the Arawak , the African American and the early Spanish colonial days in Puerto Rico .

Mason was curator of the University Museum at the University of Pennsylvania from 1926 until his retirement in 1958 .

In 1952 he toured Peru . He wrote his main work about ancient Peru: The Ancient Civilizations of Peru (German under the title: Das alten Peru: Eine Indianische Hochkultur. )

His papers are held by the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia .


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