Jeff Broadstreet

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Jeff Broadstreet (born November 7, 1954 in Greencastle , Indiana ) is an American film director and screenwriter .


The first Broadstreet script to be turned into a movie was Ghoulies . Broadstreet was also involved in the production. He later switched the genre of his films and turned to remakes of horror films . Broadstreet was particularly inspired by films by director Philip Kaufman . Broadstreet's biggest hit was the movie Night of the Living Dead 3D . He works as a director and consultant for a film production company that specializes in 3D recordings .


  • 1984: Ghoulies
  • 1989: sex bomb
  • 1997: Area 51: The Alien Interview
  • 2000: Megalomania (short film)
  • 2002: The Bad Father (short film)
  • 2005: Dr. Rage
  • 2006: Night of the Living Dead 3D
  • 2010: American Grindhouse
  • 2012: Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-animation

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