Jehuda Löb Aach

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Jehuda Löb Aach (also Juda Löb Aach , Löb Aach ; born approx. 1750 in Trier ; died July 21, 1820 in Hechingen , Hohenzollern-Hechingen ) was a rabbi , mohel and head of the yeshiva in Hechingen.

Aach attended the yeshiva founded by Ezekiel Landau in Prague as a pupil . He then worked as a junior rabbi in Kurtrier and in 1775 as a rabbi in Gailingen . Löb Aach succeeded Rabbi David Dispeck in Hechingen in 1776 after he had resigned from office due to community disputes . Until then, the private citizen Abraham Beil had represented the rabbi in Hechingen. Löb Aach became the house rabbi of the Kaulla family of court actors in Hechingen, thanks to whose efforts he was appointed rabbi of the Hohenzollern state on December 28, 1784 . By contract of February 27, 1785, Löb Aach was accepted by the community with 90 Florentines salary. His jurisdiction was later extended to the communities of Haigerloch and Dettensee in the neighboring state of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen . In addition, from 1803 he directed the Beth Midrash founded by Jakob Kaulla in Hechingen . Around 1818 his jurisdiction was withdrawn.

Löb Aach was buried like his wife Jocheved-Breindel, who had died before him, in the Jewish cemetery of Hechingen in grave no. 459.


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