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Jekuthiel Ginsburg (born August 15, 1889 in Lipniki , Volhynia , Russian Empire , † October 7, 1957 in New York City ) was an American mathematician.


Ginsburg immigrated to the USA in 1912 and studied mathematics at Columbia University with a master’s degree in 1916. He was then assistant to the mathematics historian David Eugene Smith at the Teacher's College at Columbia University. He taught mathematics from 1928 as a professor at Yeshiva University (then Yeshiva College) and from 1935 he was in charge of the mathematics faculty. When the Institute of Mathematics at Yeshiva University was founded in 1952, he became its director.

Ginsburg was the founding editor of Scripta Mathematica in 1933 .

In 1942 he received a Dr. Sc. from Columbia University. In 1952 he was elected a Fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences .


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