Jesus and Josephine

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Television series
German title Jesus and Josephine
Original title Jesus & Josephine
Country of production Denmark
original language Danish
year 2003
length 20 minutes
Episodes 24
genre Children's series
music Martin Brygmann
First broadcast December 1, 2003 (Denmark)
first broadcast
December 1, 2004

Jesus and Josephine is a 24-part Danish TV series for the Christmas season from 2003.

In Germany it ran for the first time daily from December 1st to December 24th, 2004. In 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 it was repeated in double sequences on Saturday and Sunday evenings. The double sequences are shortened, however; the prologue and the epilogue are missing from each episode.


Josefine, a young girl, has her birthday on December 24th. Therefore, her birthday is drowning in competition with Christmas and she doesn't particularly like Christmas. To make matters worse, she and her school class also have to take part in a nativity play and play Maria.

Then she happens to find a shop called "Christmas Free Zone". The owner Thorsen seems to be a nice older man. Josefine immediately feels connected to him because he doesn't like Christmas either. She visits Thorsen often and one day discovers a mysterious nativity scene . When she touches them, she suddenly finds herself in Nazareth , at the time when Jesus was her old age. She befriends him and now travels to him every day, Jesus also accompanies her once in her time.

When Josefine's best friend finds out about these time travel, he is not enthusiastic because it is dangerous to change the past. For example, Josephine suddenly appears in the Bible as "The girl from the north". Josephine and Oskar hide from Jesus that he will die on the cross and tell him that he will become an old man. But when Luke, Josefine's little brother, asks him casually: “Are you actually afraid of dying on the cross?” A world collapses for Jesus. He no longer wants to be God's Son and is pursuing his dream of becoming a gladiator .

When Josefine and Oskar return to the present, they are horrified. Since Jesus did not sacrifice himself for people, the world looks very different. People are called sub-gods and have numbers instead of names. You have to work in dark coal cellars and nobody talks about God anymore . The ruler of this world is "He who dwells above us". It turns out it's Thorsen. This change was his plan from the start, because Thorsen is really the devil .

When Josephine and Oskar manage to return to the past and bring Jesus back on the right path, the future is saved. Thorsen is defeated by Josefine with the help of an angel feather. But Thorsen doesn't give up yet. He attacks Josefine and Oskar in the church, but with an Lord's Prayer they manage to banish him to hell for good.


  • Josefine ( Pernille Kaae Høier ): A blond young girl who befriends Jesus.
  • Oskar ( Rasmus Ott ): Josefine's best friend who is in love with her. He is jealous of Jesus. In the end, their love gets a chance.
  • Josefine's mother ( Andrea Vagn Jensen ): She is a pastor and is thrilled that Josefine is suddenly interested in the Bible. She willingly answers all of her questions.
  • Josefine's father ( Nikolaj Steen ): Teachers on sick leave due to back problems. He writes a book "The Backbible", with recipes explained simply, because he finds even ordinary recipes too complicated.
  • Lukas ( Jonathan Juel Werner ): Josefine's little brother who loves Christmas.
  • Jesus ( Sebastian Aagaard-Williams ): A boy with supernatural powers who performs miracles known from the Bible and others.
  • Maria ( Camilla Bendix ): Jesus' mother is strict and is aware that Jesus is God's Son.
  • Josef ( Martin Brygmann ): Jesus 'foster father is funny and sometimes abuses Jesus' powers so that he can drink wine.
  • Thorsen ( Kjeld Nørgaard ): Business owner of the “Christmas-free zone”. He is the devil.
  • Jytte ( Bodil Jørgensen ): Josefines and Oskars teacher. She is strongly connected to God because she has angelic apparitions and is the only one who still knows about God in Thorsen's world.


The series was produced on DigitalBetacam in anamorphic 16: 9 (1.78: 1) format. The sound in hi-fi stereo.

In 2005 a sequel called Oskar & Josefine was produced, but it can also be seen separately from the series.


“[...] Jesus & Josefine is a different kind of Advent calendar. In 24 episodes, stories of Jesus are told as an exciting fantasy adventure. For the watching children, the 12-year-old Jesus is a modern figure of identification, because he has the same worries and joys as them. In this way, children can easily find access to the character and are made curious about Jesus, historical facts from his time and the Bible. [...] "
(Source:; Access: Dec. 3, 2006)

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