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JetPac is a computer game from Ashby Computers and Graphics (Ultimate Play The Game) for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum . It appeared on the UK market in 1983 and has sold over 300,000 times. Statistically, about every third ZX-Spectrum user owned a legal copy.

In 1984 the successor Lunar Jetman appeared . It was not until 1990 that the third part of the Jetman series Solar Jetman appeared .

In 1999 the game was integrated into Donkey Kong 64 as a kind of bonus round . To this day there have been numerous adaptations, especially in the freeware sector , some with modern graphics.


The player finds himself in the role of a rocket-backpacked astronaut who wants to flee from a planet. In five levels he has to search for individual parts of a rocket, collect them and put them together. Finally, the rocket (a space shuttle in level 5) has to be refueled. He is hindered by extraterrestrial enemies, against whom he defends himself with a phaser. When all parts of the spaceship are put together and the ship is refueled, the next level starts.

The game is a genre mix of platformer , shoot 'em up and skill game. The player has to use his rocket thrust to fly up and land on the platforms. There are the rocket parts that he has to collect by running over it. A similar game is Bomb Jack .


The game designer was Chris Stamper , the graphics were contributed by Tim Stamper .

The game runs on a 16 kB spectrum and is recognizable as a spectrum game on other computers due to its typical color scheme.


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