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legal form
founding 1985
Seat Twycross, England
management Craig Duncan
Number of employees ~ 200 (2008)
Branch Software development
Website www.rare.co.uk

Rare main headquarters in Twycross

Rare , as rare or rare commodity known, a British development studio of video games . Rare developed for years exclusively for Nintendo - game consoles , to the studio in 2002 by Microsoft was adopted and since then exclusively as a first-party developer for the US parent company operates. The company was founded in 1985 by Tim and Chris Stamper , who resigned from management at the turn of the year 2006/2007. After their resignation, Mark Betteridge and Gregg Mayles took over management of the company. Rare was originally called Ashby Computer Graphics (ACG) and released the games under the name Ultimate Play The Game .

To date, Rare has developed numerous well-known and successful video games , especially for Nintendo , including: Battletoads , Donkey Kong Country , Killer Instinct , Banjo-Kazooie , Banjo-Tooie , Blast Corps , GoldenEye 007 , Perfect Dark , Conker's Bad Fur Day , Diddy Kong Racing , Donkey Kong 64 , Jet Force Gemini, and Star Fox Adventures .


The classic rareware logo that was used from 1994 to 2003 during the Nintendo era.
The logo used from 2003 to 2010

Rare was founded in its current form in 1985 and emerged from the Ashby Computer Graphics studio , which was founded in 1982 and developed games for numerous systems under the name Ultimate Play the Game , including the ZX Spectrum home computer . From the late 1980s, Rare began developing software for game consoles, in particular for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). With titles like Marble Madness , Jeopardy! or Wizards & Warriors , the company celebrated great success. Battletoads , published in 1991, also represented a milestone .

After the development of Battletoads , Rare, who had developed more than 50 games for the NES by then, withdrew temporarily to realign the company in the 16-bit console market. The publications of the past years had been lucrative and had given the company a financial cushion. However, from a technical and creative point of view, the company's management was dissatisfied. In 1994 Nintendo took over 49% of the shares in Rare. A long-lasting phase of cooperation began, from now on Rare developed exclusively for Nintendo consoles.

Rare's next bigger game, Donkey Kong Country , was first shown at Summer CES in June 1994 and sold millions of copies during the 1994 Christmas season. The impressive graphics were essential to the success of the title. A process developed by Chris Stamper made it possible for the first time to use pre-rendered 3D graphics on the 2D SNES console . Donkey Kong Country received two sequels again developed by Rare at the SNES, which were also very successful. With the Donkey Kong Land series, three offshoots for the Game Boy followed .

When the Nintendo 64 came out in 1996, Rare was one of the main developers for this platform. Within just a few years, Rare developed a large number of video games that were successful worldwide and highly acclaimed by critics, including GoldenEye 007 , Diddy Kong Racing , Perfect Dark , Banjo-Kazooie , Donkey Kong 64 , Jet Force Gemini , Blast Corps , Banjo-Tooie and Conker's Bad Fur Day .

In the early 2000s, an option matured that allowed Nintendo to take over the remaining 51% of Rare. Nintendo let this option pass and so Rare looked for another buyer. The company Microsoft and Activision fought took over 100% of a bidding war before the end Microsoft Rare for 375 million US dollars. Since then, Rare has been developing exclusive titles for the Microsoft consoles Xbox , Xbox 360 and Xbox One . The last game newly developed by Rare and published directly through Nintendo was Star Fox Adventures , although Rare released a few games for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS in the following years , including some remakes of old classics.

The rights to some characters in the games that Rare had developed for Nintendo consoles were acquired by Nintendo, for example Diddy Kong . However, Rare retained its major licenses and brands such as B. Perfect Dark , Banjo-Kazooie and Conker .

In the following years, Rare published games that were already in development for Nintendo's Gamecube . Neither Grabbed by the Ghoulies, Kameo Elements of Power nor Perfect Dark Zero were able to build on old successes, especially in terms of sales figures. Viva Pinata appeared in 2006 and a little later in 2007 the founders Tim and Chris Stamper left the company. Long-time Rare employees Gregg Mayles and Mark Betteridge took over the leadership, but the games Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise and Banjo Kazooie Screw Locker , which were released in 2008, were not successful either.

After the failures, Microsoft restructured the studio in 2009. As a result, many long-term employees had to leave the studio and Rare developed games for Microsoft's Kinect from now on . In 2010 Scott Henson replaced the previous management team and her first Kinect game appeared with Kinect Sports . After all these years Rare was able to celebrate another success. Kinect Sports sold a total of over 6 million times, the last time GoldenEye 007 succeeded. In 2013 Scott Henson was replaced by Craig Duncan, who now heads the studio.

After the disappointing game Kinect Sports Rivals, some employees had to leave the studio again, they later founded the Playtonic Games studio. Rare is now developing traditional games again. In 2015, Rare Replay was released as part of its 30th anniversary. In 2018 the online game Sea of ​​Thieves was released for the Xbox One & Windows 10 , which reached over 2 million players in the first week.



title Platform (s) Initial release
Atic Atac ZX Spectrum 1983
JetPac ZX Spectrum, BBC, VC-20 1983
PSSST ZX Spectrum 1983
Trans Am ZX Spectrum 1983
Alien 8 ZX Spectrum, Amstrad, BBC, MSX 1984
Cookie ZX Spectrum 1984
Entombed C64 1984
Knight Lore ZX Spectrum, Amstrad, BBC, MSX 1984
Lunar Jetman ZX Spectrum, BBC 1984
Saber Wulf ZX Spectrum, C64, Amstrad, BBC 1984
The Staff of Karnath C64 1984
Underwurlde ZX Spectrum, C64 1984
Blackwyche C64 1985
Nightshade ZX Spectrum, C64, Amstrad, BBC, MSX 1985
Pentagram ZX Spectrum, MSX 1985
Cosmic Battlezones BBC 1986
Cyberun ZX Spectrum, Amstrad, MSX 1986
Dragonskulle C64 1986
Gunfright ZX Spectrum, Amstrad, MSX 1986
Imhotep C64 1986
Outlaws C64 1986
Vs. slalom Nintendo Vs. system 1986
Bubbler ZX Spectrum, Amstrad, MSX 1987
Martianoids ZX Spectrum, MSX 1987
slalom Nintendo Entertainment System 1987
Wizards & Warriors Nintendo Entertainment System 1987
Anticipation Nintendo Entertainment System 1988
Jeopardy! Nintendo Entertainment System 1988
RC Pro-Am Nintendo Entertainment System 1988
The Collected Works ZX Spectrum 1988
Wheel of Fortune Nintendo Entertainment System 1988
California Games Nintendo Entertainment System 1989
Cobra Triangle Nintendo Entertainment System 1989
Hollywood Squares Nintendo Entertainment System 1989
Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II Nintendo Entertainment System 1989
Jeopardy! Junior Edition Nintendo Entertainment System 1989
John Elway's quarterback Nintendo Entertainment System 1989
Jordan vs. Bird: One on One Nintendo Entertainment System 1989
Marble Madness Nintendo Entertainment System 1989
Sesame Street: 123 Nintendo Entertainment System 1989
Sesame Street: ABC Nintendo Entertainment System 1989
Silent Service Nintendo Entertainment System 1989
Taboo: The Sixth Sense Nintendo Entertainment System 1989
Wheel of Fortune: Junior Edition Nintendo Entertainment System 1989
Who Framed Roger Rabbit Nintendo Entertainment System 1989
World Games Nintendo Entertainment System 1989
WWF Wrestlemania Nintendo Entertainment System 1989


title Platform (s) Initial release
A Nightmare on Elm Street Nintendo Entertainment System 1990
Arch Rivals: A Basket Brawl! Nintendo Entertainment System 1990
Cabal Nintendo Entertainment System 1990
Captain Skyhawk Nintendo Entertainment System 1990
Digger T. Rock: The Legend Of The Lost City Nintendo Entertainment System 1990
Double dare Nintendo Entertainment System 1990
Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road Nintendo Entertainment System 1990
Jeopardy! 25th Anniversary Edition Nintendo Entertainment System 1990
Narc Nintendo Entertainment System 1990
Pinbot Nintendo Entertainment System 1990
Snake rattle 'n' roll Nintendo Entertainment System 1990
Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship Nintendo Entertainment System 1990
Super Glove Ball Nintendo Entertainment System 1990
Great off road Nintendo Entertainment System 1990
The Amazing Spider-Man Game Boy 1990
Time lord Nintendo Entertainment System 1990
Wheel of Fortune: Family Edition Nintendo Entertainment System 1990
Wizards & Warriors X: Fortress of Fear Game Boy 1990
WWF Wrestlemania Challenge Nintendo Entertainment System 1990
Battletoads Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy 1991
Beetlejuice Nintendo Entertainment System 1991
High speed Nintendo Entertainment System 1991
Pirates! Nintendo Entertainment System 1991
Sesame Street ABC & 123 Nintendo Entertainment System 1991
Sneaky snakes Game Boy 1991
Great RC Pro-Am Game Boy 1991
WWF superstars Game Boy 1991
Battletoads Amiga 1992
Beetlejuice Game Boy 1992
Championship Pro-Am Mega drive 1992
Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat Nintendo Entertainment System 1992
RC Pro-Am II Nintendo Entertainment System 1992
Wizards & Warriors III: Kuros: Visions of Power Nintendo Entertainment System 1992
Battletoads Mega Drive, Sega Game Gear 1993
Battletoads Double Dragon NES, SNES, Mega Drive, Game Boy 1993
Battletoads in Battlemaniacs Super Nintendo Entertainment System 1993
Battletoads in Ragnarok's World Game Boy 1993
Snake rattle 'n' roll Mega drive 1993
X The Ball Arcade 1993
Battletoads Arcade, Amiga CD32 1994
Battletoads in Battlemaniacs Sega Master System 1994
Donkey Kong Country Super Nintendo Entertainment System 1994
Killer instinct Arcade 1994
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Super Nintendo Entertainment System 1995
Donkey Kong Land Game Boy 1995
Killer instinct Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy 1995
Killer Instinct 2 Arcade 1995
Monster max Game Boy 1995
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Super Nintendo Entertainment System 1996
Donkey Kong Land 2 Game Boy 1996
Ken Griffey Jr's Winning Run Super Nintendo Entertainment System 1996
Killer Instinct Gold Nintendo 64 1996
Blast Corps Nintendo 64 1997
Diddy Kong Racing Nintendo 64 1997
Donkey Kong Land III Game Boy 1997
GoldenEye 007 Nintendo 64 1997
Banjo kazooie Nintendo 64 1998
Conker's Pocket Tales Game Boy Color 1999
Donkey Kong 64 Nintendo 64 1999
Jet Force Gemini Nintendo 64 1999
Mickey's Racing Adventure Game Boy Color 1999

Since 2000

title Platform (s) Initial release
Banjo Tooie Nintendo 64 2000
Donkey Kong Country Game Boy Color 2000
Donkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong & Dixie Kong Game Boy Color 2000
Mickey's Speedway USA Nintendo 64 2000
Perfect Dark Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64 2000
Conker's Bad Fur Day Nintendo 64 2001
Mickey's Speedway USA Game Boy Color 2001
Star Fox Adventures GameCube 2002
Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge Game Boy Advance 2003
Donkey Kong Country Game Boy Advance 2003
Grabbed by the Ghoulies Xbox 2003
Donkey Kong Country 2 Game Boy Advance 2004
Saber Wulf Game Boy Advance 2004
Banjo pilot Game Boy Advance 2005
Conker: Live & Reloaded Xbox 2005
Donkey Kong Country 3 Game Boy Advance 2005
It's Mr. Pants Game Boy Advance, Mobile phone 2005
Cameo: Elements of Power Xbox 360 2005
Perfect Dark Zero Xbox 360 2005
Viva piñata Windows, Xbox 360 2006
Diddy Kong Racing DS Nintendo DS 2007
Jetpac Refueled Xbox Live Arcade 2007
Banjo-Kazooie: screw loose Xbox 360 2008
Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise Nintendo DS 2008
Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise Xbox 360 2008
Kinect Sports Xbox 360 2010
Kinect Sports: Season Two Xbox 360 2011
Killer instinct Xbox One 2013
Kinect Sports Rivals Xbox One 2014
Rare replay Xbox One 2015
Sea of ​​Thieves Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X 2018
Everwild Windows, Xbox Series X in development

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