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Jet Force Gemini is a video game company Rare from the genre of third-person shooter . It was released on November 2, 1999 for the Nintendo 64 .

The player controls one of three characters through three-dimensional levels and shoots through rows of mostly insect-like enemies.


The story takes place in an unknown part of our galaxy. The evil oppressor Mizar is ceaselessly conquering the planets, and an interstellar war is imminent. The Jet Force Gemini team led by Juno, Vela and their dog Lupus detected an unsettling spread of destruction and devastation on their patrols. They immediately rush to the aid of the friendly peoples who have been captured by huge hordes of insects.

The three warriors are separated in the course of the game and pursue their own military goals, which are essential for the liberation of the oppressed people, the "Tribals". Your final destination is the fortress of the tyrant Mizars, where they face him and defeat him in battle. But Mizar escapes from his fortress on an asteroid, which he places on a collision course with planet Earth. The tribals thank the Jet Force for the help and give them a fast spaceship with which the three friends can catch up with the asteroid. In a final fight against Mizar, Vela and her dog Lupus are injured, but Juno can defeat Mizar alone. They destroyed the asteroid with the help of their robotic drone named Floyd and escaped to planet earth, where they are ceremoniously received by the Jet Force at headquarters and are awarded a medal.


The player looks at the character in third person and controls it with the N64 gamepad . The running movement is freely determined with the analog stick . At the push of a button, the character can run sideways, jump, go into a kneeling position and lie on the floor.

The player can also switch to an alternative control mode in which the perspective is directly behind the game character. In this mode you aim with the analog stick and move the character with the four diamond-shaped C-buttons.

At the beginning of the game only Juno is available to the player in the character selection. In the further course of the game he can unlock Vela and the dog Lupus. Each of these three characters starts on a different planet. The goal is to get to a flight capsule at the end of the level that will transport the character to the next planet. In each level you can also evacuate a certain number of tribals . However, like opponents, these are vulnerable and can perish in a firefight. Opponents also occasionally try to execute the tribals . Each of the characters starts with a pistol and can find additional weapons and ammunition in the individual levels. Furthermore, certain ammo boxes also increase the maximum number of ammunition the character can carry. At the end of the third planet, a boss is waiting for each character .

After the final boss has been defeated for the first time, all three characters receive a rocket backpack . The player can now use it to reach previously inaccessible areas if he finds a charging station for the jetpack's tank in the level . In addition, it is now possible to explore all visited planets with any character. Each of the three characters has a special ability: Juno can run unharmed through magma, Vela can dive into water and Lupus can float in the air for a short time after jumping. This means that only one of the characters can reach certain areas in a level.

The aim of the game is now to travel to all the remaining planets, to evacuate all tribals in all levels and also to find certain items before you can face the final boss a second time.

Multiplayer mode

In addition to the conventional deathmatch in which it is necessary to kill the figures of the players, the game also includes two forms of racing games: A 3D racing game with split-screen mode and a mini-game -like 2D -Rennspiel where from the top view of the entire racing field is looked at.


In June 2000, four years after the Nintendo 64 went on sale and a good year before the successor console Gamecube was released, the IGN portal put together a top 25 from the approximately 230 N64 titles that had been published up to that point. Jet Force Gemini is in this list at number 20 and editor Matt Casamassina summed up: "All things said and done though, JFG still has no trouble whatsoever making the Top 25 as its one of the most refreshingly original games to hit the console - even if it does have a few drawbacks. ” The soundtrack came in second on a separate list after Star Wars: Rogue Squadron .

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