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Joachim Lorenz (* 1956 in Dettingen ) is a German mineral collector and specialist in the Spessart and its minerals, rocks and fossils. He has published about this - often in communities with others - in a wide variety of magazines.

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Lorenz is a trained machine fitter, industrial foreman and heads safety management with a plant fire brigade in a mechanical engineering company in Offenbach. As a mineralogist and geologist, he is self-taught, carries out mineral diagnostics using powder X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and determines rocks and their constituents using thin slips. He has lived in Karlstein am Main since he was born .

Lorenz is the first to describe the mineral Sailaufite from the Mitridatite group , a shiny black mineral with type locality in the manganese veins of the rhyolite of Hartkoppe near Sailauf . In 2014 he was one of the first to describe Okruschit (named after Martin Okrusch), in 2012 by Vendidait , in 2016 by Magnesiovoltaite and Riotintoit .

Together with Martin Okrusch and Gerd Geyer, he is co-author of a geological guide to the Spessart and author of a book on minerals and rocks of the Spessart. He also published a conference volume on the green porphyry from Greece and the red porphyry from Egypt; He went to the original quarries to take samples. In 2015 he published an extensive book on the Juchem quarry near Idar-Oberstein. In 2018 a book about the tunnel stream between Laufach and Heigenbrücken was added. In 2018 he traveled to Russia especially to complete a biography on Franz Ludwig von Cancrin .

In 1996 he received the Wilke Prize of the Association of Friends of Mineralogy and Geology eV (VFMG), publisher of the journal Der Aufschluss .


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