Johann Balthasar Bose

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Johann Balthasar (von) Bose (born September 4, 1658 , † March 15, 1712 in Dresden ) was provost of the bishopric of Meißen and chief steward of the Queen of Poland .


The parents' alliance coat of arms (Bose / Gustädt) at Nickern Castle

He comes from the Saxon noble family von Bose and deliberately refrained from using the nobility predicate of when spelling his name . He is the son of the Privy Councilor Christoph Dietrich Bose (1628–1708) on Frankleben , Nickern and Mölbis and his wife Ursula von Gustädt from the Deersheim family. His brothers were General Adam Heinrich Bose , the Secret Councilor Christoph Dietrich Bose the Younger , the Merseburg Secret and Appeal Councilor Wolf Dietrich Bose and Lieutenant Colonel Gottlob Sigismund Bose.

Bose married Countess Anna Sophie Vitzthum von Eckstädt († 1718) from the house of Tiefensee and Petersroda in 1689 . The couple left no children.


  • Family tables and contributions to the history of the von Bose family (reissued on the occasion of the 750th anniversary, 1980)

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