Johann Conrad Creiling

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Johann Conrad Creiling

Johann Conrad Creiling (* July 9, 1673 in Löchgau ; † September 13, 1752 in Tübingen ) was professor of mathematical sciences and natural philosophy in Tübingen, miracle doctor and alchemist.

He studied in Basel with the famous Jakob I Bernoulli . In France he met the fortress builder Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban . He brought the then new mathematical science to Tübingen, where he was professor of mathematical sciences and natural philosophy (Professor Matheseos) from 1701 to 1745.

Johann Albrecht Bengel , Friedrich Christoph Oetinger , Friedrich Christoph Steinhofer and Johann Conrad Haas (1719–1769), posthumously (1791) the first father-in-law of the famous publisher Johann Friedrich Cotta , were among Creiling's students. For Bengel's theology of salvation history, mathematics and astronomy were important, and for Bengel's younger friend Oetinger, suggestions from the field of alchemy were also important.

Creiling's laboratory was located at 8 Collegiumsgasse. As an alchemist, he apparently researched and experimented all his life without success. In 1730 and 1739 he lamented his own deception by the Kiel professor of medicine and alchemist Johann Ludwig Hannemann (1640–1724), whom he had previously admired. Creiling's unsuccessfulness as an alchemist probably explains that his student Oetinger, as far as is currently known, does not mention him anywhere.

Individual evidence

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