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Wilhelm Ubbelohde (also: Johann Wilhelm Ubbelohde and Johann Georg Ludwig Wilhelm Ubbelohde ; * August 4, 1794 in Hanover ; † December 5, 1849 ibid) was the Hanover Chief Finance Councilor.


His father, Johann Friedrich Ubbelohde (1765–1800) was a notary, consistorial secretary and from 1794 to 1800 mayor of Münder .

Ubbelohde initially studied theology at the University of Göttingen on the advice of his relative, Abbot Salfeld . In March 1814 he became a lieutenant in the battle of Leipzig . He then studied law, finance and history. After working in Herzberg and Ilfeld, he was promoted to chief finance officer in Hanover from 1820 to 1843. In 1831 he was deputized as one of seven royal commissioners in the committee together with the representatives sized state constitution had to design.

The legal scholar August Ubbelohde was his son.

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