August Ubbelohde

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Grave of August Ubbelohde in the main cemetery in Marburg (2017)

August Ubbelohde (born November 18, 1833 in Hanover , † September 30, 1898 in Marburg ) was a German legal scholar .


August Ubbelohde was born in Hanover on November 18, 1833 as the son of the Chief Finance Councilor Johann Georg Ludwig Wilhelm Ubbelohde and his wife Caroline Brauns. In his place of birth he attended the local high school and then from 1848 to 1851 the lyceum . To study law, he was at the University of Göttingen from 1851 , then at the University of Berlin and later again at Göttingen. He was introduced as an auditor at the district court in Lauenstein on May 22, 1854 , after he had passed the legal examination. Later he also worked at the Lüneburg District Court and the Göttingen District Court . At the university there he received his doctorate on October 15, 1856 and was there from November 14, 1857 as a private lecturer in both Roman and agricultural law . On March 6, 1862 he was promoted to associate professor . He was called to the University of Marburg on April 15, 1865 as a full professor of Roman law . There he remained active for 33 years, occasionally also working as a university judge , from 1869 to 1871 as rector and from 1871 to 1898 also as a representative of the Marburg University in the Prussian mansion , until he died on September 30, 1898. In 1886 he had also been appointed a secret councilor .

Ubbelohde is counted among the last representatives of the old Roman law . He had a son, the painter Otto Ubbelohde .



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