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Johann Kamprad (* 1678 in Leisnig ; † May 31, 1764 ibid) was a German fabric and linen weaver, quarter master, councilor, writer and chronicler.


Johann Kamprad was born in Leisnig as the son of a clothing maker. He attended the Latin school in Leisnig and went hiking after his apprenticeship. In 1716 he married Anna Margarethe Landsmann from Colditz. This marriage remained childless. He had started early to collect all tangible knowledge. From 1711 to 1718 he worked on the Lanckische Concordanz, a collection of biblical words with their Latin and Greek translations. His first book was published in 1722, a tribute to a Leisnig superintendent. In 1726, at his instigation and with his support, the first printer set up shop in Leisnig.

After the death of his first wife in 1727, he married Marie Dorothea Goldschade from Leisnig. In this marriage a daughter was born.

From 1731 he was quarter master and from 1753 councilor in Leisnig.

In 1753 his Leisnigker Chronica was published, printed by Zimmermann in Leisnig.

This chronicle is not only of great importance for the history of Leisnig in the 18th century, but also a remarkable testimony to all possible ideas of the time of the Enlightenment. It is particularly noteworthy that he faithfully names all sources, including his predecessors in the chronic work. So he used Caspar Schneider's "honor and memorial poultry" of old Churfl. Saxon. Stadt Leißnigk ”from 1668 and extensive preparatory work by Christian Juchser (1678–1745), whom death prevented from completing his work. Given the many sources, Kamprad must have had an important library. The information on history up to around 1450 is mostly only of historical value and characterizes the state of knowledge based on the time. Due to his work with the files of the Leisniger council archive and the printing of previously unprinted documents, his explanations from around 1550 are of great value. This chronicle is completed by a city map by Leisnig, which not only gives the name of the landlord, the property and the tax for each house, but also the exact number of craftsmen and the social composition. The chronicle is preceded by a story of the Burgraves of Leisnig by Heinrich Gottlieb Francke , a foreword by the author and a letter from Johann Erhardkap. The last chapter (XXIII.) Deals with the history of the city of Colditz. The article in Saxony's church gallery and later chronicles by Leisnig refer to the Kamprad Chronicle (see under literature).

Works (selection)

  • Johann Kamprad, Johann Elias Uhlich: Always-during the Denck-Mahl, Des Venerable ... M. Johann Eliä Ulichs, Highly Deserved Pastor and Superintendent of Leißnig: Consisting of two sermons, the valet sermon in Pretzsch, and a suit sermon in Leißnig . Vogel, Grimma 1722, OCLC 712592157 .
  • Johann Kamprad: Complete Biblical Hand and Saying Register - In which the beginning of all the most noble sayings, ways of speaking, questions, answers [etc.] According to alphabetical order, for preachers and studios theology, also for all other lovers. Scripture for useful use with great diligence as it was once collected, and promoted to print on many requests, in addition to a preface, Sr. High Reverence, Mr. Siegfried Becken, Past. and Superintendentes zu Leißnig . Heckel, 1727, OCLC 311412911 .
  • Johann Kamprad, Heinrich Gottlieb Francke: Leisnigker Chronica or description of the very old town of Leisnigk: according to its location, area, name, old inhabitants ... then a consistent description or chronica of the neighboring town of Colditz is particularly attached . Leisnig 1753, OCLC 312575992 .


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  • Johann Kamprad: Leisnigker Chronicle from 1753 . Copy on behalf of the Leisniger History and Local History Association while retaining the page numbers. Leisnig 2013, ISBN 978-3-00-043035-0 .

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