Johann Ludwig von Pfalz-Sulzbach

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Johann Ludwig von Pfalz-Sulzbach (born December 12, 1625 in Sulzbach , † October 2, 1649 in Nuremberg ) was a Swedish general in the Thirty Years War . He was the third son of August von Pfalz-Sulzbach (1582-1632) and his wife Hedwig von Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf (1603-1657).


As the third son, he was earmarked for military service at an early age. Since his father and his uncle Johann Friedrich were supporters of the Swedish king, he joined the Swedish army in Germany during the Thirty Years' War. There he was able to excel in several battles.

After the war he fell seriously ill and was taken to his mother's widow's residence, the St. Äginien Hof near Nuremberg, where he died soon afterwards. His body was transported to Sulzbach accompanied by his brothers. Many high-ranking members of the Swedish army were present for his transfer, including Karl Gustav von Zweibrücken-Kleeburg , commander-in-chief of the Swedish army, and Octavio Piccolomini , imperial governor. When the train passed the Frauentor in Nuremberg , over 1,000 Swedish soldiers stood in line.