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Josef Tschan

Josef Tschan (born December 22, 1844 in Innsbruck ; † June 1, 1908 there ) was an Austrian lawyer and member of the Bohemian Landtag and the Reichsrat (Austria) .


Tschan's parents were the white tanner Nikolaus Tschan and his wife Elisabeth born. Kirschner. Josef Tschan studied law at the Charles University in Prague . With Johann Kiemann he joined the Corps Moldavia I. In 1864 he was still active in the Corps Rhaetia . He carried the academic title JUDr . He was a lawyer in the north Bohemian city of Bilin , which he represented in the Bohemian state parliament from 1901 to 1904 . As a member of the German Radical Party , he was a member of the Reichsrat (Austria) . He had operated the union of all German freedom in Tyrol. With Karl Hermann Wolf he was excluded from the Pan-German Union in 1902 . On June 21, 1903, he and four members of the Reichsrat who had fallen away from Georg von Schönerer - Kasper, Kutscher, Raphael Pacher and Franz Schreiter  - constituted the parliamentary Free Association of Pan-German Members , the Free-Pan-Germans or Radical Nationals, as they soon called themselves. After retiring from work and politics in 1904, Tschan returned to his hometown Innsbruck. He spent the summers in Oberaudorf . He died at the age of 63 after gastric surgery in Innsbruck's municipal hospital. The body was cremated in Ulm, the urn was buried in Wilten .

From his marriage to Sofie geb. Geyer produced the daughter Margaretha. She married Alois Seidl, who later became a professor at the Agricultural Academy in Tetschen-Liebwerd .


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