Joseph Ludwig Raabe

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Joseph Ludwig Raabe

Joseph Ludwig Raabe (born May 15, 1801 in Brody ; † January 22, 1859 in Zurich ) was a Swiss mathematician .

Raabe's parents were very poor. Therefore, he had to earn a living early on by giving private lessons. In 1820 he began studying mathematics at the Polytechnic in Vienna . In 1827 he converted to Catholicism. In the autumn of 1831 he moved to Zurich. There he completed his habilitation in 1833 and then became a high school teacher and private lecturer at the university. In 1836 he received the citizenship of Schwamendingen-Oerlikon (today the municipality of Zurich). In 1855 he received a chair at the newly founded federal polytechnic .

Raabe became known for the Raabe criterion named after him , which is used to check the convergence or divergence of infinite series . The so-called Raabe's integral of the gamma function is also named after him


He also published a three-volume work on differential and integral calculus (Zurich 1839–47) and, in 1857–58, two books on Mathematical Communications .


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