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Julius Hopf (born October 20, 1839 in Gotha ; † July 12, 1886 there ) was authorized insurance agent and member of the German Reichstag .


Julius Hopf was the son of Gustav and Marie Hopf, nee Henneberg. He made his legal studies after graduating from the Gothaer Gymnasium in Berlin and Göttingen , whereupon he entered the Gotha judicial service. In 1875 he became a bank secretary in the administration of the fire insurance bank in Gotha. When his brother-in-law August Gier, who was the agent of the fire insurance bank, became terminally ill in 1879, he took up his position. In 1880 he too fell ill with a lung disease that did not heal even after a long stay in Soden , San Remo and Falkenstein . His first wife, Gertrud geb. Better, he had already lost in 1875, since 1877 he was married to Anna née. Lorenz. He left a son and three daughters.

In 1877 he was elected to the German Reichstag in the Duchy of Gotha, to which he belonged for the National Liberal Party until its dissolution in 1878 . He did not run again.

Individual evidence

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