Dresden correctional facility

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Dresden correctional facility
JVA Hammerweg
Information about the institution
Surname Dresden correctional facility
Reference year 2000
Detention places 805
Employee 365
Institution management Jörn Goeckenjan

The Dresden correctional facility is a correctional facility (JVA) on an eleven hectare former barracks site in the Albertstadt district of Dresden .

The prison has a capacity of 805 prisoners, who can be looked after and treated by 365 employees.

The head of the penal institution is Ministerialrat Jörn Goeckenjan. He is represented by Government Director Rebecca Stange.

Construction and relocation

In 1996, the clearing and demolition of the planned construction site, which included 14 old buildings, began.

After three and a half years of planning and construction, the correctional facility was completed on May 2, 2000. Immediately afterwards, the establishment work began by prisoners and servants. At that time the Dresden JVA was the most modern in Saxony.

On September 16, 2000, the roughly ten-hour move of the almost 300 prisoners from Schießgasse in Dresden to the new institution took place.

In March 2001 the institution was fully occupied by the takeover of prisoners from other Saxon institutions.


The total cost of the new prison building was around 73 million euros, which is around 90,000 euros per prison place.


According to Saxony's enforcement plan, the Dresden JVA is responsible for the pre-trial detention of male adolescents and adolescents and male adults .

The JVA also executes substitute custodial sentences and prison sentences for men (up to life imprisonment) in the responsible judicial districts .

Since January 1, 2013, the institution has been exclusively responsible for male prisoners. Then only the Chemnitz JVA is intended for women.


In the Dresden JVA there is

  • the detention houses A, B, C
  • six wards in these detention centers with male adult prisoners on trial and prisoners on remand, male juveniles and adolescent prisoners on remand
  • a department with an access station and the accommodation of male adult prisoners with short sentences
  • a section with an open prison system for male adult prisoners and youth detention


The Dresden JVA has one ward each with male prisoners on remand, who have been detained for the first time, and one ward with male prisoners who are serving a prison sentence for the first time. The aim of this separation of multiple detainees is to counteract another criminal expression.

One ward is provided for male prisoners who are family-oriented . This means that prisoners who are married or live in a marriage-like community and have at least one child can be assigned to this residential group . The aim is to support the family ties that are strained by the father's imprisonment.

A pre- therapy residential group has also been set up for male prisoners. This ward has offers for drug addicts to prepare for inpatient therapy after imprisonment through various offers, especially group discussions.

Work establishments

In the Dresden JVA there are eight proprietary businesses, seven commercial operations and six companies that have products manufactured by prisoners.

Own operations

Commercial enterprises

Fencing and security

The prison is enclosed by a wall six meters high (nine meters in the entrance area) and 1,200 meters long.

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