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Locksmith's sign in old town (Koenigsberg)

A locksmith's shop is a small or medium-sized company that performs metal construction work.

Tasks of a locksmith's shop

Locksmith at work (1978)

The locksmith profession and the companies and company departments assigned to it were subdivided into different professions in the craft (until 1989) and in industry (until 1987) depending on the area of ​​responsibility.

Locksmith job in the craft

Locksmith GA Bing, Dresden-Plauen

The craft businesses, especially in the construction industry, with their often small-scale custom-made products are commonly what is still understood today as a locksmith's shop. The divisions, divided according to occupational groups, were:

  • Locksmith: Steel components in the construction industry, for example railings, walkways, smaller stairs, gates, doors
  • Toolmaker : Special tools and devices
  • Blacksmith andArt locksmith: Metal design mostly in the building trade, for example artistically designed grilles, fences, gates
  • Car locksmith: general activity in commercial vehicle construction, maintenance and repair of vehicles, production of vehicle bodies

It is difficult to differentiate between the activities of the locksmith and the metal designer. For this reason, when the craft was reorganized, the locksmith's work was merged with the forging work for metal construction in accordance with DIN 18360.

Locksmith job in industry

The locksmith profession, mostly as a separate production and assembly department, was also important in industry. In the industry up until 1987 one also differentiated between the

  • Factory fitter: Maintenance, repair and overhaul of machine and system parts in a manufacturing or processing company
  • Machine fitter: construction, maintenance, repair and overhaul of machine and system parts in mechanical engineering
  • Steel construction fitter: Manufacture and assembly of steel structures, steel stairs, steel bridges and similar load-bearing structures, but often also in apparatus engineering, for example in the manufacture of pressure vessels, in cooperation with pipe fitters and plant mechanics
  • Plumber : Sheet metal processing in the broadest sense, forming sheet metal with, for example, press brakes, cutting sheet metal to size with scissors and punches , guillotine shears and a cut-off machine or thermal cutting processes such as flame cutting , manufacturing complex sheet metal constructions of all kinds by folding , beading and flanging .
  • Pipe fitter: Colloquially, the steel pipe fitter was often referred to as a pipe fitter. The pipeline builder still exists today as an apprenticeship in industry and especially in civil engineering . The pipeline manufacturer manufactures and installs pressure pipelines according to ISO. The requirement and focus of the pipe fitter is the ability to read drawings . In addition, pipe fitters also have to master all welding processes such as oxy-fuel welding with gas and oxygen, but also various shielding gas welding processes such as B. TIG (tungsten inert gas) MIG (metal inert gas).

History and customs

Guild signs in the museum of the city of Steyr , 19th century

In the Middle Ages, locksmiths belonged to the small forges . The crafts enjoyed the blacksmith's trade were in a guild that included blacksmiths and locksmiths as well as grinders. The gunsmiths were added in the 16th century and the clock and winch makers in the 17th. An old locksmith initiation rite to turn an apprentice into a journeyman is key biting .

Summary and today's job titles

Postage stamp from Swiss Post: The locksmith profession through the ages

In the trades, the locksmith became a metalworker specializing in construction technology , the car mechanic became a body builder - specializing in commercial vehicle construction and the blacksmith / art locksmith became a metalworker specializing in metal design . In industry, mechanical engineering and fitter to have been an industrial mechanic , the locksmith and the steel manufacturer to a construction mechanic .

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