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A fold is generally understood to be a shoulder , an edge or a fold in a workpiece. Seams can also form joints , grooves or chamfers .

In connection technology , the edge of thin-walled metal sheets is flanged by 90 ° to form a standing seam or by 180 ° to form an envelope . Sheet metal can be connected to one another in a form-fitting manner by further folding , i.e. by folding .

The plumber uses seam connections to make copper , zinc , lead and iron sheet roofing instead of soldering . Rivet connections can be replaced in other sheet metal processing . When building containers and ventilation ducts , seam connections offer the advantage that they are relatively airtight and can be sealed against the passage of liquids .

Word origin

It's probably already ahd. Alatinate accept, linguistic proximity fold  - Middle High German , the word but is also used for the cutting edge or blade of the sword, therefore, also an aspect of lies, sharp 'basis.

How it works and manufacture

Depending on the particular form of the fold, one speaks of a single or double fold , of a standing or lying fold, and also of a top fold .

Folds and fold connections on sheet metal are made on the folding bench . Plumbers mainly work with soft sheet metal that can be folded manually with bending pliers and seam lockers. For the production of sheet metal roofs , electrically operated folding formers are also used, which are guided along the edge of the sheet metal webs and fold the two adjacent sheets together in a continuous operation. The continuous forming of sheet metal is also known as roll forming .

Seam formers , flanging and duct folding machines are used to manufacture ventilation ducts . When connecting sheets, the tightness and strength of the seam connection depends on the pressure between the seam and the inserted sheet. A weak compression allows displacement between joined parts with changes in temperature.

Use outside of connection technology

In trade, construction and industry, folds are mostly found on the edge of flat workpieces. In the case of window sashes and door leaves , a step in the edge area is referred to as a fold . The frame or the frame may have a matching (negative) fold . The overlapping edge region between the window or door frame and is Überfalzung or rollover .

simple fold on the edge of a board

When working with wood, a rebate is usually made with the help of tools such as a rebate plane or a router .

The fold occurs, for example

The creasing and folding of paper is also known as folding . Bookbinders and the paper industry use folding machines for this .

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