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Carpentry workshop
Carpenter with journeymen (1882)

The joinery or joinery (South German, West German) is the workshop of the carpenters or joiners for the production and processing of furniture , interior fittings, stairs , doors , windows , cladding, and other structural elements as well as other mostly individual work.

The main materials used for processing are wood-based materials and solid wood in their various forms (panel materials such as chipboard , MDF or blockboard , sawn timber , veneer , etc.) as well as plastics and aluminum .


A joiner's facility includes buildings and almost always outdoor facilities.

In the outdoor area there is often storage space for stacking and drying the sawn timber, parking spaces for company and customer vehicles, access routes for suppliers and storage areas for recycling and waste collection.

The building houses the production area, storage for wood-based materials such as panels and veneer, fittings and equipment, as well as administration rooms, social rooms and the technical systems. The workrooms are roughly divided into three areas: machine room, bench room and surface treatment room.

Engine room

The stationary machines with function-related workplaces are located here. The work performed includes:

  • Cut solid or sawn timber
  • Divide the plates
  • Dressing and thicknessing of solid wood
  • Approach the edges on the narrow sides of panels
  • Veneer surfaces and edges
  • Cutting the workpieces to size
  • Milling of molded parts, connections and profiles
  • Drilling rows of holes and mounts for fittings
  • Sanding surfaces, edges and shapes

Bank room

The actual manual work is done here with hand tools and hand machines. Most of the workstations are personal and are set up with the employees' own tool sets.

  • Scribing
  • Preparatory work
  • Build templates and devices
  • Mount fittings
  • Assembly and final assembly

Surface treatment room

In both large and small carpentry shops there is a room with a paint mist extraction system , in which the surface treatment is carried out and then the treated workpieces are dried.

Tools and machines

The list includes the large number of tools and machines used in a carpentry shop, broken down by tool type and work process

Carpentry tools and machines
Machining Hand tools Hand machines machinery
Mortising and

Nailing screws

Individual evidence

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