Royal Society of Sciences in Uppsala

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Entrance to the Royal Academy building

The Royal Society of Sciences in Uppsala ( Swedish Kungliga Vetenskaps-Societeten i Uppsala , Latin Societas regia scientarum upsaliensis ) is the oldest scientific society in Sweden. It was founded in Uppsala in 1710 at the instigation of the librarian and later Archbishop Erik Benzelius the Younger with the name Collegium curiosorum . In 1719 the name was changed to Societas Literaria Sueciae , and in 1728 with a royal document to Societas regia literaria et scientarium . Until the middle of the 18th century the society was known under the name Societas regia scientarum upsaliensis , in German “Royal Academy of Sciences in Uppsala”.

The first members of the society were Emanuel Swedenborg and Anders Celsius .

Since 1788 the society has resided in the Vetenskapssocietenens hus next to Uppsala Cathedral . The building from the 17th century has been a listed building as Byggnadsminne since 1967 .


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