Royal Swedish Academy of Music

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Royal Swedish Academy of Music
founding 1771
Sponsorship state
place Stockholm , SwedenSwedenSweden 
president Susanne Rydén
Former house of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music ( Kungl. Musikaliska Akademien )

The Royal Swedish Academy of Music (Swedish: Kungliga Musikaliska Akademien ) short KMA - is one founded in 1771 by King Gustav III. founded Royal Academy in Stockholm , Sweden . The academy is a state-independent institution that promotes both artistic education and the scientific and cultural development of music . Until 1971 the academy also functioned as a music college .


In 1866 the institution was named a conservatory because of the music lessons it had given. In 1877 the Academy and Conservatory took possession of a new building on Nybrokajen , which contained a large hall ( Musikaliska akademiens stora sal ). The architect was Johan Fredrik Åbom .

In 1941 the designation conservatory was abolished; the facility became the Royal College of Music ( Kungliga musikhögskolan for short KMH). In the 1950s the music college was relocated to a new building on Valhallavägen. In 1971 the academy was organizationally separated from the music college. In 1981 the library was split off and in 1998 a move took place. Since then, the academy has its headquarters at Blasieholmstorg. The old building was privatized, but still used by the music scene and called Nybrokajen 11 , then Musikaliska .


since 1963

Permanent secretaries