Royal College of Music Stockholm

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Royal College of Music Stockholm
founding 1971
place Stockholm , Sweden
Vice-Chancellor Helena Wessman
Main entrance

The Royal Stockholm Academy of Music (Swedish: Kungliga Musikhögskolan i Stockholm ), KMH for short , is a music academy in Stockholm , Sweden .

The College of Music in Stockholm was founded in 1771 as the Conservatory of Music of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music and was separated from it in 1971 as a new independent institution.

Since 2012, the "B-House" has been completely demolished and replaced by a new university building on Vallhallavägen: This is the largest music university building in Scandinavia with the plan to strengthen the international reputation of the music university. The building complex was originally designed like a giant treble clef from a bird's eye view : This includes 5 buildings that have emerged from a former high school:

The old, listed building will be retained in the building complex and will serve as a building for rooms, the new main building will replace the "B-Huset" on Vallhallavägen.

International reputation

Sweden is particularly famous for its jazz music. Many acts of the label "ACT" are associated with Sweden, for example Nils Landgren and the pianist Esbjörn Svensson . In jazz circles Esbjörn Svensson is considered to be one of the pioneering innovators in the field of trio jazz.

Accents were also set in new music, for example through professorships and international guests with teaching assignments such as György Ligeti and Brian Ferneyhough . Ligeti wrote the opera Le Grand Macabre during his time in Stockholm , as well as organ and choral works.

Nowadays the focus is more on Swedish folklore in relation to jazz and new music. With this in mind, there is a folk music course with international appeal.

In the field of new music, the Kroumata Ensemble is particularly well known. Anders Loguin was a member of Kroumata for many years. Loguin played a. a. Soloist with the Berliner Philharmoniker . Örjan Fahlström led the hr-Bigband , one of the most famous big bands in Europe.

Famous musician

The younger brother of Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) became a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music in 1804. This award reflects the European appreciation of the musician, who has been court composer and music director in Salzburg since 1763.