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SwedenSweden Riksantikvarieämbetet
- RÄA -
Supervisory authority (s) Ministry of Culture
Consist since May 20, 1630
Headquarters Stockholm
Coordinates 59 ° 20 '2.8 "  N , 18 ° 5' 24.7"  E Coordinates: 59 ° 20 '2.8 "  N , 18 ° 5' 24.7"  E
General Director Lars Amréus (since 2012)
Employee around 400
Website raa.se

Riksantikvarieämbetet ( RAÄ ; German Reichsantiquaramt or Central Office for Monument Preservation ) is Sweden's central administrative authority in the field of cultural heritage and monument preservation . It is headquartered in Stockholm , but a move to Gotland is planned. Around 400 people work at the central office.


The institution was founded on May 20, 1630 by Gustav II Adolf of Sweden after his interest in antiques had been aroused by his teacher, the rune researcher Johannes Bureus , among others . The model for this facility was a Danish decree from 1622, which served " opsöge og antegne alleslags Antiquiteter og Documenter " (German: "Detecting and collecting antiques and documents of all kinds"), with which the Danish rune researcher and archivist Ole Wormius was commissioned. So Bureus traveled the country, examining rune stones , collecting coins and ancient chronicles, court books, letters and manuscripts. Around 1,600 ancient monuments were researched under the direction of Bureus. The Central Office for the Preservation of Monuments is associated with the Swedish State Historical Museums Statens historiska museer ( State Historical Museum , Royal Coin Cabinet ), together they maintain the library of the Royal Academy of Fine Literature, History and Archeology Swedish Kungliga Vitterhetsakademiens bibliotek .

After the establishment of this authority in 1630, a monument protection law was passed in Sweden in 1662 and the University of Uppsala established a professorship for antiquities.

The tasks of the Central Office for the Preservation of Monuments are the protection, documentation and maintenance of culturally significant objects, places and surroundings. This includes missions for the protection of monuments, research and research information, care and conservation as well as archaeological investigations. The Central Office for the Preservation of Monuments is assigned to the Ministry of Culture.


List of Reich archivists since 1630

Surname Period
Johannes Bureus 1630-1648
Georg Stiernhielm 1648-1651
Johan Axehielm 1652-1657
Laurentius Bureus 1657-1665
Olof Verelius 1666-1675
Jacob Reenhielm 1675-1678
Johan Hadorph 1679-1693
Johan Peringskiöld 1693-1719
Johan Fredrik Peringskiöld 1720-1725
Johan Helin 1725-1750
Carl Reinhold Berch 1750-1777
Gudmund Jöran Adlerbeth 1778-1793
Johan David Flintenberg 1793-1795
Georg Frans Tihleman 1795-1802
Jonas Hallenberg 1803-1819
Carl Birger Rutström 1820-1826
Surname Period
Johan Gustaf Liljegren 1826-1837
Bror Emil Hildebrand 1837-1879
Hans Hildebrand 1879-1907
Oscar Montelius 1907-1913
Carl Bernhard Salin 1913-1923
Otto Janse 1918-1923
Sigurd Curman 1923-1946
Martin Olsson 1946-1952
Bengt Thordeman 1952-1960
Gösta Selling 1960-1966
Sven BF Jansson 1966-1972
Roland Pålsson 1972-1987
Margareta Biörnstad 1987-1993
Erik Wegræus 1993-2003
Inger Liliequist 2003-2012
Lars Amréus 2012

Publications (selection)

German editions, published by the Central Office for the Preservation of Monuments in Stockholm

  • Bengt Edgren, Joachim Wesseloh: Eketorp. The fortified village on Öland . 1985, ISBN 91-7192-458-2 .
  • Bengt Edgren, Katharina Weigarth, Joachim Wesseloh: The animals in Eketorp . 1988, ISBN 91-7192-727-1 .
  • Anders Ödman: Glimmingehus . 2001, ISBN 91-7209-208-4 .
  • Leif Anker, Gunilla Litzell, Bengt A. Lundberg: World Heritage Sites in Schwedwn . 2002, ISBN 91-7209-256-4 .

Journal: Swedish Cultural Monuments. OCLC 594031180

With the permission of the Office, Stockholm University Library digitized the Sveriges runinskrifter (Swedish runic inscriptions) series in 2011 , which consists of several volumes. The Runeberg project took these over and reworked them in 2012 so that they could be proofread.

  • Sven Söderberg: Sveriges runinskrifter. Volume 1: Öland's runinskrifter. Norstedt, Stockholm 1906 ( runeberg.org ).
  • Erik Brate, Elias Wessén, Ragnar Kinander, Hugo Jungner, Elisabeth Svärdström, Sven BF Jansson: Sveriges runinskrifter. Volume 2: Östergötlands runinskrifter. Norstedt, Stockholm 1911 ( runeberg.org ).

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Commons : Riksantikvarieämbetet  - collection of pictures, videos and audio files

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